Our Rochester veterinarians use diagnostic tests and tools in our in-house vet lab to diagnose your pet's medical conditions and customize treatment plans to your pet's needs.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Rochester

We have advanced tools at Ridgemont Animal Hospital to help diagnose your pet's medical issues. We provide a wide range of services, including digital radiology, EKG, and blood tests.

We use radiographic imaging that allows us to produce highly detailed images of your pet's internal structures.

With our diagnostic imaging capabilities, we can efficiently produce diagnostic information about your pet's condition and provide immediate treatment options.

Veterinary Diagnostic & Laboratory in Rochester

In-House Lab & Vet Pharmacy in Rochester

We perform tests and get results quickly in our veterinary diagnostic laboratory so that we can diagnose your pet's symptoms and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Our Rochester pet pharmacy is stocked with a variety of prescription diets and medications, allowing us quick access to any medications your pet may require while in our care.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Rochester Vet

Veterinary Diagnostic Services at Ridgemont Animal Hospital

With our in-house vet lab, we are pleased to offer advanced diagnostic testing to allow our vets to provide rapid diagnosis of your pet's medical issues.