Ridgemont Animal Hospital

4200 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14626



Hospital Tour

Reception Area

You will find ample space to sit and make yourself comfortable.  There is a wealth of knowledge in our brochure rack.  You will also find several bulletin boards with health information, advertisements for pets and pet services, and one that is a collage of our patients.  There is also a "kids corner" where they can color or play with toys from our toy basket.  Often you will also find a cage filled with some of our adorable, adoptable kittens.  So sit back relax and your wait should not be long at all.

Receptionist Corner

Here you will be greeted by a smiling receptionist who will be looking forward to helping you in any way they can.

Exam Room

Here is one of three exam rooms.  You will find the exam rooms are cozy with a comfortable bench.  Our shelves are stocked with numerous products.  Our tables not only weigh your pet, but they are hydraulic so they do the lifting for us.

Laboratory & Pharmacy

Our lab consists of numerous blood machines, so that most blood can be ran in-house.  Our pharmacy shelves are stocked with many prescriptions.  Most medications can be filled during your office visit, this helps save trips to the pharmacy.

X-Ray Room

X-rays are taken on the premises to provide for immediate diagnostic services for your pet.

Treatment Room

Patients are prepped for surgery here.  Also pets are brought here for treatments like blood draws, ear cleaning, mat clipping, nail trims, etc.

Surgery Room

Anywhere from elective surgeries such as spays and neuters to non-elective surgeries like bone repairs are performed here.  We have all the modern machines that help monitor your pet while they are under anesthesia.