Ridgemont Animal Hospital

4200 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14626



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Posted By :    Eric & Tammy Wean
Posted :    2/8/2016
Comments :    We want to thank Dr. Grewal and the entire staff for the loving care that you gave our Chocolate Lab, Rudy over 13+ years. He was always excited to know he was coming to see "his girlfriends" at the vet. Your caring and kindness will long be remembered.
Posted By :    Chris  
Posted :    9/4/2015
Comments :    This has been a tough week...I lost my beloved kitty Remy. Dr. Grewal and all of the staff were kind, compassionate, and took such excellent care of my baby. My heart breaks that he is gone, but it was a little easier to handle with all of the support that I received. Thank you. In a million years you will never know how much that meant to me.

Posted By :    Sandy  
Posted :    5/21/2012
Comments :    I cannot express my deep appreciation to Dr. Houska and all the staff during my beloved cat Pisie's illness. She was an alumn of the kitten cage, and chose me one fateful night. During her illness, she was carefully monitored, and given excellent, top quality care.Dr. Houska's phone calls to me at home updating the lab results, as well as takng time to explain Pix's situation was wonderful. Everyone's support to me assisted me through a difficult time. had All my cats been cared for here, our association is 20+ years. Thank ALL of you, I was impressed day1 with your caring, loving attention to my cats and me.
Posted By :    Gurmit Kaur
Posted :    3/28/2011
Comments :    I just want to say thank you so much Dr. Grewal for your service, love and care you share. Jacky is doing excellent now and I really appreciate you calling and checking up. I had tears of happiness when you told me that his surgery went very well. I highly recommend this hospital to everyone if you are looking the best service. Once again Thank You So Much. Gurmit:)
Posted By :    Jim Harrison 
Posted :    10/7/2010
Comments :    Although it's been a while since I've been in, I wanted to thank all of you for the quality care given to Maude Patrick for all her 20 plus years. Dr.Houska always gave me good advise and more than once we both marveled at how healthy Maudie was right up to the end of her days. She never would have lived that long and happily without your help. And when it came time for easing Maudie out of this life, Dr. Houska was a great comfort and I know he was sorry to see her go also. Now I have two new companions, Clara Franklin and Molly Patrick and they'll be coming in for all their needs. Thank you again for everything you did over the years for Maude Patrick!
Posted By :    Valerie  
Posted :    11/20/2006
Comments :    I want to personally thank Dr. Grewal and the staff for assisting us during our hard times (in memory of Buddi) and in the good times now with (Shabbo). Everyone here does in deed treat our pets as if they were theirs and it truly shows! This hopsital comes HIGHLY recommended. Sincerely, The Bishop Family
Posted By :    Linda Evans
Posted :    11/7/2006
Comments :    I referred Janet Pawlyk to you for her adoption of 2 kittens. She has marveled at your caring attitudes and kind service with "Bradley" and "Jon-Jon"! Phone calls to her home to check up on the kittens...WOW! Thanks, Dr. Grewal, and all :-)

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Posted By :    Vanessa Nobrega  (nobregax@aim.com)
Posted :    1/14/2021
Comments :    I have been bringing pets to Dr. Grewal for over 10 years. He was a saving grace with our first dog, who had a lot of medical concerns and has always been patient, friendly, and super accommodating. I recommend him to any new pet owner i know, as he has always been the best of the best.
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Posted By :    Joel Hoomans  (Hoomans_Joel@roberts.edu)
Posted :    12/13/2018
Comments :    I have been taking my Wheaten Terrier to Dr. Grewal now for 10 years and I cannot say enough in the way of good things about him as a vet. We have had 4 surgeries to remove cysts and he has done a masterful job every time. The staff has been an outstanding group of caregivers and their collective work has both increased my dog Cagney's length of life and quality of life. I will forever be thankful for their thoughtful talents.
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