Ridgemont Animal Hospital

4200 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14626



Bathing Services 

Treat your favorite 4-legged family member to a Hydrosurge bath and brush out!  The Hydrosurge Bathing System deep cleans and massages your pet's skin to remove loose hair and leave your pet feeling great!  There are two bath packages to choose from

Basic Bath Package

-Brief exam by a veterinary techinician

-Hydrosurge bath with choice of pleasantly scented Hydrosurge shampoos

-Brush out

The "Works" Bath Package

-Brief exam by a veterinary techinican

-Hydrosurge bath with choice of pleasantly scented shampoos

-Nail Trim

-Ear cleaning on non-infected ears

-Minor grooming (Includes trimming a few small mats, feet, ears, and private area.  This is not a general groom)

-Expression of anal glands 

-Brush Out

Additional Services

Pets requiring prescription medicated shampoos and conditioners, heavily matted pets, very fractious pets, or pet requiring Doctor exams will require additional fees.  All pets admitted to bathe must be current on annual physical exams, as well as required lab work and immunizations.  We will be happy to quote these additional services.


-Baths can be scheduled by appointment Monday thru Friday

-Drop off time is between 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. Pickup times will be scheduled at your convenience that same day.